new Address

danceeeMusic playing from the day I was born
Filtered lights presenting me on stage
I’ve danced with you, tied and torn
Realising this dance would lead me out of my cage

Our dancing grew closer with the passing of years
I enjoyed the routine, the audience, the spotlight
I leaned on you as often as my travelling fears
I relied on common thoughts and avoided my plight

The comfort of your arms and the company of everyday strangers
Seemed to emanate from tunes that conduced my movements
But the beating of My life was trapped under each pore
The music kept going but my absence eventually sore

I begin to slowly remove the clutter of sounds
Like a wave in the sea leaving shore for its deep
My heart beats stronger and makes room in new ground
The sole purpose of my truth which you gave me to keep

It is not that I feel you no more
Nor that I wish to cast a whole in the past
I need to feel you closer than before
In a true dance where our hearts are one

Time has given space for my solo dance
My time to play my side of the chess
My space to connect, my fighting chance
My time to discover Your new address


A song for the birds in the trees

there's a magic carpet behind your dreams
there’s a magic carpet behind your dreams

Come whisper as the rain lifts the mist
Come dance with the winds of chance
Fly from your cage as it pulls you closer
Free your own images, your swallowed wish

Come laugh at the sound of your thoughts
Come play with your sure moves of before
There is another future behind today’s now
Where the abyss of yesterday tolls you no more

Come travel the world with the sound of the city
Come throw it all away and start from square one
Come discover who you are under the dark and distant layers
Let your fears be pathways to find the light of the sun