[se sou quem sou, a ti o devo]


Gordon Square, London

Today I celebrate you – the uncommitted, disenchanted, frivolously indifferent foreigner to the comings and goings of my daily life. You, unknowingly present at the edge of the bottomless deep – the undedicated words, intentional dismissals, prompt criticisms and limited horizons. Your impactful smiles, bereft of momentary intention. Never was it too much.

None of the most important decisions would have arisen had it not been for the faulty pavements you lay before me. Summer shall come, to the patient and patiently trained.

Thank you. [Obrigada.]

PS: “Se sou quem sou, a ti o devo”, in Woytila Musical.


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There are no excuses for time.

Time ends my sentences, finishes my coffees
Files my incidents and ignites my desires.

Time curbs my perceptions, takes my thoughts into flight
Time is the coast guard if a storm steers my plight.

Time is the merciful stranger,
The verses of an orchestra
The gracious coach challenging me for a rematch.

There are no excuses.
There’s always Time.

lessons from the living

New Zealand
New Zealand

Fall out:
The process of opening your eyes
Acknowledging the disguise
Rummage beneath the lies
Ignoring distant cries

Stepping both feet onto the void
Forgoing the position of quiet noise
Risking all the minutes and the chores
To not surrender your very core

[because human instinct together with clean emotion is the most mysterious. yet informed, decision maker]

CHANGE (wake up)

With no other clothes but those I must
No weapons to equate your delusion
I dissent from your deranged notion of just
I swim away from your en-caged collusion

You police our lives in your created net
You pollute our bodies as fast as your breath

Oh, you think you thrive with such ease
The pores of the ground cry for release
And I step on it, as roughly as before

No more.


River waters aren't calm. They're alive.
River waters aren’t calm. They’re alive.

Lately I’ve been tucked away in a world of baby steps and constant smiles.
How odd that apparently nothing happens, and yet a river of emotions flows through me and does not stop there – it overflows, sometimes towards everywhere. The cascade of thoughts and hopes, the slow movements that resemble everything, the secret wishes and the day-by-day, minute-by-second-by-an-even-smaller-measure of time that nonetheless, doesn’t stop. These are the days.


behind closed doors
Too long?

Respiros mudam de ar
Há respiros que têm chuva pegada
Outros que morrem ao ver o mar
Outros que esperam uma chegada

Respiro hoje próximo, amanhã esquecido
Ar parado que ao vento foi vendido
E os barcos que imaginámos partir?
E os sonhos que destruímos com o olhar?

O respiro não é certo
Mas a certeza guia as posições

Até que já não há posição, há sentidos
Não há nada do que esperámos, mas tudo o que nos esperava

O instinto remete à primeira infância
Em que o verde era árvore e o azul sempre o céu
Caminhos entrelaçados sem nunca se verem
O tempo de uma vida separado por um véu.


unlikely love?
unlikely love?

Hoje mostro o que é meu
A realidade sem rastreio
O tiro final em cheio
No grito que sou eu

Imagens perdidas
Marés escondidas
A calma chega
Em conversas divididas

Entre estradas paralelas
Que navegam na mesma direcção
Encontram-se de coração
E trocam palavras pelas janelas

Do ser que finalmente se vê